Termites are tiny and nasty little creatures that like to create problems to any homeowner. When purchasing a brand new home, it is important to call termites Los Angeles to perform a thorough termite inspection to see if there’s a possibility of termite infestations. Though termite inspectors can help in preventing infestation in the first place, there are things homeowners can do to prevent these nasty pests from entering their home.

It is important to check the property if there are trees or bushes growing or if there are tree stumps and near the foundation. Sometimes, termites enter the house because of these trees, bushes and tree stumps. Homeowners should also stack away firewood and other wooden materials away from the house. This way any pest that may infest the stored wood will not enter the house. It would be even better if it is stacked off the ground just to make sure the wood is secured from unwanted pests.

Termites love damp places, which is why it is important that the property has a working and sufficient drainage system. Water should not be allowed to build up, especially near the foundation. Moreover, the attic, which is often the nesting place of termites, should be ventilated to prevent moisture buildup. When it comes to the basement, there should be no leaks or any damp areas that may invite termites to nest on.

Check the water lines and gutters for debris that may become nesting grounds for termites. Check the water pipes for leaks because pooling water would also attract termites. Most of all, don’t leave any heaps of decaying leaves, twigs and mowed grass near the house for these too are the favorite of termites.

Termite infestation would really lead to huge structural damage. This is why it is important to monitor your home and prevent such infestations in the first place.