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Self-Defense Techniques are Overrated

Probably, a lot of people would disagree with what I am going to say here, but I believe I have to say it. A lot of self-defense techniques for women that are taught online or that we would see on TV shows or on YouTube are overrated … if not are useless.

I am not a martial arts experts or proficient in self-defense but I know a few people who are… and they all agree with what I am saying. In fact, it was from them that I learned these few things I am about to say.

According to them, self-defense techniques put emphasis on 3 important things – knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, accuracy and precision and the mastery of executing the move. These three things combined will increase the likelihood of defending yourself against attacks.

Punching an assailant in the ribs is considered an overrated or useless technique. This is because most women are not trained enough to punch hard and produce an effect. Elbow and knee strikes are the same because you need accuracy to make it work. However, if one is trained properly and has background in self-defense, then these moves can cause devastating results and would actually work.

Kicks can also be overrated. First and foremost, it requires flexibility, balance and strength. Lacking any one of these things will only lead to a half-baked self-defense technique that would only leave you open. Kicking an assailant is a great strategy if you hit sensitive areas – like the groin or solar plexus.

Instead of kicks and punches, it would be better to use the hands to strike vital targets like for instance grabbing and crushing the testicles. This action would cause a lot of pain and the idea itself is discomforting. The eyes and windpipe are also vulnerable targets. Poking or clawing the eyes out would leave the person temporarily or permanently blind. Crushing the windpipe will leave the person breathless allowing you the opportunity to escape.

In general, I would rather recommend proper self-defense training in order to properly learn how to protect yourself. It would be advantageous for you, especially since you would learn not only self-preservation techniques but also improve your physique and self-discipline. There are many places that offer self-defense lessons and you could consider bjj katy tx.

Reasons to Love Christmas

Christmas is a few months away and it seems like some people are finally getting the spirit already. Perhaps, it is because it is a once a year festive thing and they have been looking forward to it. Or maybe they know they are getting something good when Christmas comes.

Now, now… I know there are some people who aren’t so fond of Christmas, but I have no reason to berate them. To each his own you know!

Anyways, I figured that is should point out the reasons why you should love Christmas.


People love getting stuff, especially gifts. Even I love getting new stuff! During Christmas you can receive a lot of gifts. You can get gifts from your family, friends, colleagues at work or even from a stranger. Christmas season is really exciting because you might receive something you didn’t expect or maybe something that you have always wanted.

Family Get-togethers

Christmas season is the season for you to get together with your favorite as well as not so favorite relatives and family members and enjoy a huge feast. Together, you can enjoy various family traditions, sing songs and gather together to spend the holidays.

Christmas Music

Music is good but for me nothing is better than Christmas music. Christmas music is very entertaining and good. It is one of the symbols of Christmas season. Whenever you are stressed, tired or down, hearing Christmas music will uplift your spirits and bring joy.


What better way to celebrate Christmas than to go on a vacation. Nobody is fond of working during Christmas season and that’s why we are all given a break our boss. And during this time, we escape the busy city on go on trips to our relatives or to warm sunny beaches to avoid the cold winter nights.

Christmas Lights and Ornaments

Christmas is never complete with pretty lights and decorations and perhaps this is the reason some people consider christmas lighting colorado just to have beautiful and fanciful lights on their yard, lights and decorations give a feeling of bliss and warmth. When it is set up, everyone knows that Christmas is really here and those lights and decorations would lift up everyone’s moods.

Staying out Late

Usually, it is hard to stay out late because of our responsibilities from work or school. But during Christmas season we don’t have to worry about them. Thus, we can stay out late us much as we want. There are no curfews to worry about. We can attend any party, any bonfires or any wonderful event for that time of year.

Autumn is the Season for Swarmers

Most people believe that spring is the perfect season for swarming. People believe that this season is the most favourable season for termites to spread out and start another colony just like any other pests. However, they are wrong. Not all termite species swarm during spring.

Indeed, there are many termites that swarm during spring but there are also some termite species prefer to swarm during autumn. They would swarm during June and may extend to August. Like spring swarmers, fall swarmers would also swarm during the same time of day – late morning or late afternoon. These species’ are sometimes confused as termite swarms because of its size and color.

Termites that swarm during autumn prefer this season because the warm temperatures during autumn would trigger them to flock. Moreover, they also love moisture. And since autumn is a warm and nice season full of moisture, these termite species would find it as the best season to swarm, spread out and start another colony.

The biggest concern about autumn swarmers is the fact that these termite species are the most damaging drywood and subterranean termites. When swarmers leave the nest to start their colonies, they would spread out and land in areas that are perfect for building a new colony. During this period, fertilized female swarmers would shed their wings and look for cold damp places that are near their favorite food sources in order to lay eggs and start their own colonies.

At start, the new queen would lay 10 to 20 eggs per day but as weeks go by, the number increases. After a month, the queen would be able to lay hundreds of eggs. When a few more months pass by, the queen would be laying thousands to ten thousands of eggs per day. So during autumn and winter season, the queen would be building and fortifying her kingdom. When spring comes, then you would have a huge termite problem blowing up on your face.

For this reason, you should prevent swarmers from considering your home as a good place to start a new colony. If you have firewood or unused lumber, store them away from the ground and away from your house. Avoid the accumulation of water near your home’s foundation. Regulate the humidity inside your home. If necessary, contact termite control service and ask for their help or opinions on how you would be able to prevent swarmers.

People assume that Spring is termite season because there is a lot of insect activity. Wrong! Experts say that warm temperatures in the Fall triggers termites to flock. Termites love moisture and tend to swarm on a nice warm day after rainfall. That doesn’t mean you cannot have a termite infestation at any other given time. However, the most damaging termites, subterranean and drywood, tend to be the most active at the commencement of Fall season. If you’re living in California then you might want to set up a termite savings account. Ninety percent of our state is in zone #1 under Termite Infestation Probablity Zone. This means we are in the heavy to moderate range of termite activity.

How do you know if your home has been attacked by termites? A sign of termites are small tunnel like patches that form across the foundation of your walls referred to as “mud tubes”. They are in either brown or gray tones. To determine if it’s active you can simply just break it open. Other small warning signs are cracked or bubbly paint and you might sometimes find their little wings on the floor, Gross!

The best way to avoid infestation is for people to have an ongoing termite defense service. For those of you who are new homeowners, have your home pre-treated. Practice house checks and make sure there aren’t any leaking faucets, water pipes, standing water and any other moisture conditions.

For those of us residing in California, it is important you speak to a pest control expert about a preventative plan. Taking preventative steps can not only help your home but they can also help your pocket and avoid having to spend thousands of dollars.… Read the rest

Common Marketing Blunders

Marketing is one thing businesses should never waste. Marketing brings tons of opportunities to businesses and if it is wasted then so are the opportunities. Worst, it would also mean undermining all that effort and money spent.

Marketing blunders can happen and it is best to avoid. You should these common marketing blunders.

Wrong Marketing Focus

Indeed, marketing focuses on your goods and services but not to the extent that customers would know nothing about what they could do. Marketing should be focused on how those goods and services would meet customers’ needs. We call this customer-oriented marketing. This marketing strategy would produce happy customers that would keep buying from you. Repeat customers will bring more profits and decreases the time and money needed to chase after new customers.

Making False Marketing Assumptions

You would mess up your marketing strategy if you make the wrong assumptions like assuming you know what your customers want or you know the behaviour of your target audience or if you assume that you and your customers are practically the same. Your marketing strategy would end up opposite to what your audience like, needs or wants. This would lead to another marketing blunder which is… Not Knowing Your Market

When it comes to marketing, it is important for businesses to know their market. How can this be accomplished? You have to do research! Research their behaviours, preferences, needs, wants and many other things. You have to understand your buyers’ persona and what can influence them.

Having not Enough Data

Doing proper research is useless without gathering enough data. Data is always the foundation for any marketing strategy. It is very important because data will give the necessary insights and understanding that will be used for the marketing strategy’s foundation. The more data gathered, the more solid the foundation use.

Ignoring Your Competitors

If it is important to know your market, then it is also important to know your competition. It is important to keep tabs on what your competition is doing. Try to find out why they are doing well and how were they able to succeed while others failed. Pay attention to their campaigns, especially the strategies they have used. Knowing your competitors doesn’t mean exactly copying what they did but you can always incorporate their ideas to help your business succeed or get ahead.

Hiring the Wrong Marketing Team

Many business owners make this blunder. They know they need to hire people, but they end up hiring the wrong guys. It’s easy to make this mistake, especially since a lot of there are a lot people claiming themselves to be the best marketing team or marketing experts. What’s crucial is to find a legitimate marketing expert that can truly provide results. Denver online marketing company come in many forms, which is why you have to dig deeper and do some research to find a good marketing team.

No Marketing Plan

The biggest blunder a businessman can do is having no marketing plan. The best way to ensure a successful marketing strategy is to come up with a good plan first. Plan out the marketing strategy and specify the tactics you will use. Specify how much it would cost and how long it would take.

Changing The Look Of Your Apartment with Your Furniture

If you are moving to your new apartment and when the Stallion Moving Services you have hired is finally unloading your furniture, you would be excited to give your new apartment a fresher and better look. To make this happen, you should consider the proper placement of furniture. When moving to a new place, it is important to find the best places to set up your furniture. If furniture is properly set up, it is easy to achieve a good look for your apartment.

When arranging your furniture, you should picture out how your apartment would look. This is really an easy thing to do. You should picture out how you would divide areas of your apartment. You should consider the functions of each room or area. Most of all, you should picture out which item should be placed in which area. Once everything is fully painted inside your head, then it would be easier to move and arrange your furniture.

If you think your apartment space feels dark or too bright, why not change the curtains. Depending on the curtains you would use, you can definitely change the brightness or dimness of your apartment. Obviously, if you choose a lighter curtain then the room would become lighter as well. If you want a dimmer room, then you would obviously need a darker colored curtain.

If it feels like your apartment lacks space or feels cramped, then you might consider removing certain items. You can remove a table, shelf or small cabinet to open up additional space for your apartment. Or you can open up new space by replacing bulky and large furniture or appliances with more compact ones.

Sometimes, there are just things inside your apartment that you would want to hide like a huge stain on the wall or a broken tile on your floor. Your furniture or appliances would be a great way to conceal them. You can use your shelf to cover that huge and irremovable stain on the wall or pull over your couch to cover that broken tile.

When placing furniture inside your apartment, always keep in mind the room’s use or purpose. After all, each furniture has a specific role to play. For instance, if one room is meant to be the dining room then you would have to use furniture that is appropriate for dining. It would be wrong to put a sofa inside your kitchen you know.

Risks When Moving

Denver Moving Company

You have to be extremely careful when you are planning to move. When you move out, you would most likely lift things just to complete your move and during this time, the chances of accidents and injuries would be high. So do yourself a favor and be aware of the possible dangers involved when moving.

Back injury is the number 1 danger often associated with moving. Sprains, strains, tears or even dislocation could happen and would be caused by improper lifting or lifting extremely heavy items. When lifting items, plant your feet steadily, stand close to the item that is about to be lifted, bend the knees and keep the back straight. Don’t be hasty. Avoid sudden movements and remain steady.

Next common injury associated with moving is injuries to the extremities. This includes but not limited to strain to the arm and leg muscles, dislocated joints, sprains, tears and even fractures. Extremity injuries often happen when exerting significant force when pulling or pushing, falling down or slipping. Aside from back and extremity injuries, other injuries associated with moving are common bruises and various types of wounds.

When moving injuries aren’t the only risks involved. Another risk would be on your belongings. When lifting and relocating heavy, bulky or fragile items, there’s the possibility of falling or tipping that may cause the object from being broken or damaged.

Property damage can also happen when moving. Large furniture fall, they may cause damage to the walls, door/doorways or stairs. If they are dragged around the house, the floors might get damaged or the carpets might get torn. A reckless move might result into extensive and costly home repairs.

When moving a single mistake can lead to unwanted expenses; to avoid this, it is important to exercise caution when moving. Or better yet, just look for professional help and consider mover Denver.

Money – Solution to Your Problem

God Fathers Cash for Gold

There are times in our life when things go out of hand and we realize the only way to solve the problems we are facing is if we have money.

For instance, flood came in and wrecked your home or you totaled your car or your kid got hurt and had to go to the hospital. If you have money, you can easily repair your house or fix your car or give your kid the best medical treatment he or she deserves. Unfortunately, there are times when we can’t have these problems solved because it is either we are zero on funds or we just don’t have enough money. So what should we do, especially if our pay day is still days away?

Well, you can always get a loan or you can borrow money from your friends or find a different way to get money by selling some things you don’t need. You can also go to a pawnshop or consider where to sell gold. If you have a kind boss, you can also ask for monetary assistance. And if you are resourceful enough, you can find other ways that would help you have the funds you need to solve your problem.

Indeed, having money can solve a lot of possible problems we may face in this world. But we should forget that having money can also cause your problem. The best example for this would be the rich and the members of the upper class. No matter how much money they have, they can still have problems because they just have plenty of money.

Hardiness Of Termites

Ever wonder why no matter how humanity wages war against termites, they just keep coming back and the damage they inflict keeps on piling one after another? Many people wouldn’t admit but we humans are waging a losing battle against termites. They are champions of survival. In fact, termites have been dominating this planet for millions of years already. They have outlived dinosaurs and other ancient animals that first roamed this planet. Even when the world was covered by ice during the ice age, termites survived.

But why are termites champions of survival?

They are champions of survival because termites are cousins of cockroaches. We all know how hardy cockroaches are and how difficult it is to kill one. Heck, they cockroaches can even survive a nuclear blast and radiation, while we humans can’t. Talk about superhero level of endurance! Cockroaches can even survive for days without their heads but we humans… well, technically we’re dead.

Another thing that makes termites champions of survival is they have developed a complex social behavior that no other insects (except for a few species) have. Termites have highly organized social system. Their colony consists of millions of individuals with specific roles that would ensure the survival of the entire colony. Pretty much like what humans do. The only difference is that termites are more concern about the survival of the entire colony while humans are mostly self-serving individuals.

Termites are champions of survival because they don’t have a hard time getting their stomachs satisfied. Termites are detritivores. Meaning, they eat any decomposing plant and animal material… hence, their voracious appetite for wood. And in human society, there are plenty of food sources for them.

So the next time you call in a termite control service, take a short moment and admire the termites hardiness. And then after that enjoy the carnage you’d bring when you destroy those nasty termites! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Why Get Rid Of Ants

If there are ants living in your house, it might be a good idea to call Orange pest control to try to control the infestation and get rid of them.

Usually, people see ants as an annoyance only, but the truth is ants are more than an annoyance. In fact, if there are ants at your place, you find that these ants can greatly affect your home and life.

Ants may not be as dirty as rats or cockroaches but the fact that they can contaminate your food and spread germs remains. Ants live to forage and when there are ants in your house; they would get to your food one way or another. If you can prevent this, then you should. If ants get to your food, they may end up leaving their droppings or contaminate it. Sometimes, this contamination would affect the quality of your food or ingredient. In the worst case scenario, you might end up suffering from diarrhea because of the contaminants ants may leave behind.

Some particular type of ants brings potential danger to your homes. These types of ants are usually carpenter ants. Carpenter ants live on wood and they love creating tunnels underneath wooden floors, walls and pillars. The damage they cause may not be as significant as termites, but when moisture enters the tunnels carpenter ants made, this will weaken the structure.

Ants also bite. Seldom can you find ants that produce painless bites for most species of ants produce a painful bite. If you have a baby at home, having ants would be a big no. Moreover, there are also cases wherein people fall ill because of ant bites. This happens because they have severe allergic reaction to the venom ants release when they bite. Ant venom’s main component is formic acid and in high concentration this particular acid is corrosive to the skin.

Moreover, having ants is an embarrassment. If you have visitors, they might think you are unhygienic and do not know to clean your home.

Prevent Termite Infestations Before Any Structural Damage Occur

Termites are tiny and nasty little creatures that like to create problems to any homeowner. When purchasing a brand new home, it is important to call termites Los Angeles to perform a thorough termite inspection to see if there’s a possibility of termite infestations. Though termite inspectors can help in preventing infestation in the first place, there are things homeowners can do to prevent these nasty pests from entering their home.

It is important to check the property if there are trees or bushes growing or if there are tree stumps and near the foundation. Sometimes, termites enter the house because of these trees, bushes and tree stumps. Homeowners should also stack away firewood and other wooden materials away from the house. This way any pest that may infest the stored wood will not enter the house. It would be even better if it is stacked off the ground just to make sure the wood is secured from unwanted pests.

Termites love damp places, which is why it is important that the property has a working and sufficient drainage system. Water should not be allowed to build up, especially near the foundation. Moreover, the attic, which is often the nesting place of termites, should be ventilated to prevent moisture buildup. When it comes to the basement, there should be no leaks or any damp areas that may invite termites to nest on.

Check the water lines and gutters for debris that may become nesting grounds for termites. Check the water pipes for leaks because pooling water would also attract termites. Most of all, don’t leave any heaps of decaying leaves, twigs and mowed grass near the house for these too are the favorite of termites.

Termite infestation would really lead to huge structural damage. This is why it is important to monitor your home and prevent such infestations in the first place.