Probably, a lot of people would disagree with what I am going to say here, but I believe I have to say it. A lot of self-defense techniques for women that are taught online or that we would see on TV shows or on YouTube are overrated … if not are useless.

I am not a martial arts experts or proficient in self-defense but I know a few people who are… and they all agree with what I am saying. In fact, it was from them that I learned these few things I am about to say.

According to them, self-defense techniques put emphasis on 3 important things – knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, accuracy and precision and the mastery of executing the move. These three things combined will increase the likelihood of defending yourself against attacks.

Punching an assailant in the ribs is considered an overrated or useless technique. This is because most women are not trained enough to punch hard and produce an effect. Elbow and knee strikes are the same because you need accuracy to make it work. However, if one is trained properly and has background in self-defense, then these moves can cause devastating results and would actually work.

Kicks can also be overrated. First and foremost, it requires flexibility, balance and strength. Lacking any one of these things will only lead to a half-baked self-defense technique that would only leave you open. Kicking an assailant is a great strategy if you hit sensitive areas – like the groin or solar plexus.

Instead of kicks and punches, it would be better to use the hands to strike vital targets like for instance grabbing and crushing the testicles. This action would cause a lot of pain and the idea itself is discomforting. The eyes and windpipe are also vulnerable targets. Poking or clawing the eyes out would leave the person temporarily or permanently blind. Crushing the windpipe will leave the person breathless allowing you the opportunity to escape.

In general, I would rather recommend proper self-defense training in order to properly learn how to protect yourself. It would be advantageous for you, especially since you would learn not only self-preservation techniques but also improve your physique and self-discipline. There are many places that offer self-defense lessons and you could consider bjj katy tx.