Ever wonder why no matter how humanity wages war against termites, they just keep coming back and the damage they inflict keeps on piling one after another? Many people wouldn’t admit but we humans are waging a losing battle against termites. They are champions of survival. In fact, termites have been dominating this planet for millions of years already. They have outlived dinosaurs and other ancient animals that first roamed this planet. Even when the world was covered by ice during the ice age, termites survived.

But why are termites champions of survival?

They are champions of survival because termites are cousins of cockroaches. We all know how hardy cockroaches are and how difficult it is to kill one. Heck, they cockroaches can even survive a nuclear blast and radiation, while we humans can’t. Talk about superhero level of endurance! Cockroaches can even survive for days without their heads but we humans… well, technically we’re dead.

Another thing that makes termites champions of survival is they have developed a complex social behavior that no other insects (except for a few species) have. Termites have highly organized social system. Their colony consists of millions of individuals with specific roles that would ensure the survival of the entire colony. Pretty much like what humans do. The only difference is that termites are more concern about the survival of the entire colony while humans are mostly self-serving individuals.

Termites are champions of survival because they don’t have a hard time getting their stomachs satisfied. Termites are detritivores. Meaning, they eat any decomposing plant and animal material… hence, their voracious appetite for wood. And in human society, there are plenty of food sources for them.

So the next time you call in a termite control service, take a short moment and admire the termites hardiness. And then after that enjoy the carnage you’d bring when you destroy those nasty termites! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!