Did you know that a little bit of stress can be actually a good thing? The right amount of stress will give you a surge of adrenaline rush that can power you up with your work and other tasks.

So would experiencing a little bit of stress everyday a good thing then? Perhaps, yes. Perhaps, no. I am not an expert but according to a health article I have read, frequent stress (I guess no matter what amount) can add up and can lead to detrimental effects to the body. And most of us know what these detrimental effects are.

This is why, relaxation feels simply better and it is even more beneficial to us than experiencing teensy weensy bits of stress.

Stress should be our largest health concern. You see, a lot of medical experts link stress to various health complications from heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, Alzheimer’s disease and many others. It is also reported that stress can aggravate dementia and other mental disorders. So if you are always stressed, there’s a huge chance that you might end up going crazy. No wonder a lot of housewives sounded crazy. Being a housewife is a stressful occupation.

No matter how busy your life is. No matter how much responsibility you have to face. It is important that you manage your stress level and relax whenever it is possible. Relaxation can be achieved in whatever way that would work for you. You can read a book. Watch a TV. Go to the beach. Play with friends or your pet. Or meditate. Remember, relaxing is healthier for you.